My Path to Today

I grew up in Southern Germany and have lived in Berlin since 1989. After my military service and studies I followed my girlfriend to then West-Berlin. We married in 1993 and raised two children.

In my spare time I like to travel and have found my sport in rowing. In addition, I regularly run and swim laps. And of course I enjoy the cultural and culinary offerings of Berlin. Professionally, I had the great fortune to work in a company that has provided me with a variety of options and a strong focus on leadership and staff development .

Through my work in a large corporation right after my degree in Industrial Engineering, I benefitted from the extensive professional development opportunities they provided to employees at an early stage in my own career.

In 2008-2009 I trained as a Contextual coach and 2012-13, I completed a second training as a Coach (univ) at the FU Berlin.

More about my professional development:  Career Education, on Xing or linkedin


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