Coaching & Consulting


My teacher and mentor, Prof. Dr. Peter Warschawski said “a coach is like a midwife”. You can pull the baby out, but it is the mother that gave birth. This is my philosophy of coaching. You may be at a point where you are struggling or simply stuck. You have inside yourself what you need to achieve, but you cannot get there alone.

Beratung – oder eben „Consulting“

Unlike in coaching the consultant contributes substantively (for example, with ideas, recommendations, or action plans) to the client’s progress. Such contributions must be made carefully, though, as the solutions we develop should be the client's.
As a consultant, I provide examples, scenarios and consequences from my professional and personal experience that relate to your present circumstances.
My goal is to provide you a fresh perspective. One you may have missed alone. Two pairs of eyes see more options. In consultation, I advise you in leadership and personal development.

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